Food Shoots

Styled product shots for HumanN!

Local Food truck photoshoot.

Blog Photoshoot for Bite San Antonio, San Antonio TX

Menu Photoshoot for Local Chief Jame Bucklin's new website.

Chef Virginia Spencer and Magnolia Kitchen

Most Magazine Editorial

I was honored to be featured in the the Number 9 issue of the fitness addition of  Most Magazine

Special thanks to the Models included: Kacy Catanzaro, Brent Steffensen, Matthew Wilmore, Shelby Jones, Devin Costa, Alex Hookgrip Holguin, Jennifer Pirtle, Mandy Renee Flores, Matt Aldritch, Nathaniel Tennison, Dave Anderson,

Below are some of the extra image from the editorial shoot.

Jorge Rodrigues Gerada

I worked with Munoz and Company Architects on a video for the San Pedro Creek Liner Park Project here in San Antonio, TX. I was on site at San Pedro Creek working with a Drone pilot to capture the source of the creek and new in process art work by Jorge Rodrigues Gerada.  Jorge was kind enough take time from his work to pose for a portrait for me. Thankfully I had my Profoto B1 on hand to light the moment, lighting against the sun would not have worked other wise. The art work is a Beautiful San Antonio Girl. All drone shots were provided curtsy of Munoz-Co. and photographed by Arsenio De Lara.